There are different types of men’s shoes available in the market for different applications. For example, there are shoes for running and jogging, some are for playing different sports, some are formal, and others are casual. If you are into a profession where you have to stand for the most part of the day, or you are going to be in a queue where you have to stand all day, you need to buy dedicated shoes for the same. The following list contains the top 10 best men’s shoes for standing all day.

10. KEEN Utility Men’s Industrial Work Shoe

10. KEEN Utility Men's Industrial Work Shoe
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These shoes for men come with mesh upper layers to keep your feet dry and odor-free. This pair of men’s shoes for standing all day also comes with enough traction. Moreover, the footwear makes a perfect gear for the people who have to spend a lot of time in constructional sites or industrial factories. The shock-absorbent rubber outsoles offer exceptional resistance against oil.

The shaft of these shoes also measures low-top from arch. Furthermore, the outsoles provide exceptional traction on any surface. The slip-resistant shoes let you walk, stand, run, and jump with comfort on various terrains. The breathable mesh upper layer keeps your feet cool and comfortable even after long-term wear. These shoes have compression-resistant midsoles.


  • Looks stylish and modern.
  • It comes with detachable PU insoles.
  • This pair of shoes is lightweight.

Cons –

  • There are only a few reviews available.

9. FULORIS Men Safety Work Shoes

9. FULORIS Men Safety Work Shoes
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From nurses to chefs, these gender-neutral shoes are very much comfortable to wear while you can maintain a stylish look. The oil-resistant soles of the pair of shoes also offer enough grip on any surface. Moreover, the inner sides of the shoes have massage particles, so you can walk, stand, and jump comfortably every time. This footwear makes ideal men’s shoes for standing all day long.

The lightweight shoes for men also have thickened midsoles to keep your feet fatigue-free even after long-term wearing. Furthermore, the shoes offer oversized fitting to make you feel comfortable each time. These shoes make ideal footwear for those people who have to stand for a long time as per their professional needs.


  • It is a unisex pair of shoes.
  • Looks extremely stylish and ideal for casual attire.
  • It offers oversized fitting for ultimate comfort.

Cons –

  • It is a rather new product on the market.

8. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Men’s Work Shoe

8. Dr. Scholl's Shoes Men's Work Shoe
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The formal shoes for men come with the construction of heavy-duty leather material. These shoes also have vented sock to offer breathability to your feet. Moreover, this pair of shoes involves the construction of fully-grained leather to promote durability. The oil-resistant rubber outsoles prevent your feet from getting slipped. These shoes have memory foam midsoles, so you can keep your feet in a well-ventilated condition for a longer time.

The lace-up design of the shoes also lets you wear them with comfort. Furthermore, the moisture-wicking inner lining wicks away all the moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The anti-compression insole retains the shape of the shoes for a very long time. These work shoes for men keep your feet comfortable 24X7.


  • It comes with beautiful leather upper layers.
  • These shoes have compression-resistant insoles.
  • The footwear has moisture-wicking inner fabric lining.

Cons –

  • It does need polishing regularly.

7. Dickies Men’s Athletic Work Shoe

7. Dickies Men's Athletic Work Shoe
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The Slip-on design of the shoes is the ideal men’s shoes for standing all day long. This pair of shoes also comes along with lightweight construction, so you can wear them with comfort. Moreover, the leather upper layers of the footwear are very much soft, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. The rubber outsoles have enough traction, so you can walk with comfort.

The shaft of the men’s shoes also measures low-top from arch. Furthermore, the shoes come with a padded collar and tongue to offer exceptional comfort. The work shoes have slip-resistant rubber outsoles. These shoes consist of fabric inner lining to wick away all the moisture from your feet. The elastic gores at the opening of these men’s shoes let you wear with comfort.


  • It comes with heavy-duty rubber outsoles.
  • It comes with seam-sealed upper layers.
  • The shoes have breathable mesh fabric.

Cons –

  • The durability is questionable.

6. Reebok Work Men’s Athletic Shoe

6. Reebok Work Men's Athletic Shoe
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From athletic activities to industrial visits, these men’s shoes are suitable for standing all day long. The upper layers also come with mesh Oxford fabric construction. Moreover, the Oxford fabric is breathable enough to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. The synthetic rubber soles are durable enough to withstand rigorous outdoor activities while offering enough traction.

The lightweight shoes also come with a low-top shaft from the arch. Furthermore, the EVA foam midsoles of the shoes offer exceptional comfort all day long. The low-cut design of the footwear delivers an athletic look to the shoes. These shoes come with impact-resistant construction to offer comfortable walking, running, and jumping. The fabric inner lining of the shoes keeps your feet breathable and free of moisture.


  • It comes with Oxford fabric material construction.
  • These shoes are exceptionally resistant to impacts.
  • The low-cut design offers an athletic look.

Cons –

  • It is not suitable for wet surfaces.

5. Skechers for Work Men’s Slip On

5. Skechers for Work Men's Slip On
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The lace-free work boots are the perfect men’s shoes for standing all day. This pair of formal shoes also come with a Slip-on design, so you can wear and remove them with no time. Moreover, the polished upper layers of the footwear come with the construction of high-quality leather. The glossy leather makes this pair exceptionally sophisticated and suitable for official works.

The outsoles of the footwear also involve the construction of robust yet soft rubber to offer proper traction. Furthermore, the rubber outsoles are resistant to oil to offer a safe grip over any terrain. The footwear supports a relaxed fit to keep you comfortable all the time. This pair of shoes have soft fabric lining to wick away the bodily moisture to keep your feet odor-free.


  • This pair is perfect formal footwear.
  • It comes with oil-resistant rubber outsoles.
  • It comes with shock-resistant mid rubber soles.

Cons –

  • There is no drawback as such.

4. Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Shoe

4. Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Shoe
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The stylish yet multi-functional pair of shoes for men lets everyone work with comfort all day long. These shoes also come with the construction of heavy-duty leather with wrinkle-resistant finishing. Moreover, this fitness footwear is suitable for daily-wear and rigorous cross-fit training. The flexible outer soles with rubber material construction let you walk, run, jump or stand with comfort.

These shoes are also effective enough to reduce fatigue while absorbing shocks. Furthermore, the synthetic overlays and leather upper layers make the shoes suitable for several outdoor activities. The anti-skid rubber outsoles offer unexplainable traction on any surface. The memory foam midsoles and sock liners efficiently absorb the shock. The perforated design of the footwear maintains the proper breathability of your feet.


  • This pair is perfect for any activity.
  • It comes with proper perforation.
  • It offers ultimate traction on various surfaces.

Cons –

  • The quality could have been better.

3. Skechers Men’s Mariner Utility Boot

3. Skechers Men's Mariner Utility Boot
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The pure leather construction of the men’s shoes makes them perfect for standing all day. This pair of work boots also come with exceptional and high-traction rubber outsoles. Moreover, these outsoles efficiently absorb all the shocks to reduce the fatigue caused by daily works. The natural texture of the fully grained leather upper layer adds additional sophistication to the shoes.

The padded collars of the footwear also keep your feet comfortable all the time. Furthermore, the double-stitched seam details of the shoes offer exceptional durability to the construction. The oiled leather upper layer does not easily wrinkle and comes with age-resistant construction. This pair of men’s leather work shoes have a wedge heel and lug outsole to deliver exceptional shock-absorption.


  • The outsoles offer excellent traction.
  • Lubricated and age-resistant leather upper surface.
  • Effectively decreases fatigue caused by long-term standing.

Cons –

  • There is no con at all.

2. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Slip On

2. Skechers for Work Men's Flex Slip On
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Derived from heavy-duty synthetic material, the men’s shoes for standing all day keep your feet absolutely comfortable. With the help of soft and breathable fabric shoe lining, the footwear also keeps your feet in perfect condition. Moreover, these shoes come along with 1-1/4-inch inbuilt heels, so your ankles stay relaxed all the time. The synthetic soles are light in weight and effectively absorb the shock.

The Slip-on design of the shoes also helps you to wear them easily. Furthermore, the padded collar design reduces the discomfort of long-term wearing. The outsoles of the footwear offer exceptional anti-skid and high-traction. This pair of shoes have insoles with memory foam construction to keep your feet fatigue-free. The shoes have elastic side gores at the opening.


  • It comes with easy Slip-on design.
  • Ultra-soft memory foam midsoles.
  • Consists of mesh fabric upper layer.

Cons –

  • The sole can get separated.

1. Timberland Men’s Waterproof Ankle Boot

1. Timberland Men's Waterproof Ankle Boot
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This pair of ankle boots involves the construction of heavy-duty leather which makes it ideal footwear for men. These men’s shoes for standing all day also come with a shock-absorbing, soft yet sturdy rubber outsole. Moreover, the shaft of the shoes comes with a maximum measurement of 4.75-inch from the arch. The boots have the full-grain leather upper with waterproof material coating.

The seam-sealed water-resistant construction of the working shoes also offers exceptional protection against water and moisture. Furthermore, this pair of footwear comes along with rustproof speed-lace hardware and hooks for perfect and proper lacing. The EVA footbed and midsole of the shoes keep your feet and ankles comfortable for 24X7. The outsoles of these shoes come along with multi-directional lugs.


  • Ideal for any condition.
  • Heavy-weight shoes for industrial use.
  • It comes with shock-absorbent EVA out and midsoles.

Cons –

  • There is no con as such.


Buying Guide For Men’s Shoes For Standing All Day –

Make sure to compare the following points before you look for a sewing machine:

Type Of The Feet:

You should buy your shoes as per the shape of your feet to get ultimate comfort. However, people generally have wide and narrow feet. Some of the shoes measure high or low from the arches. Whenever you look for a pair of standing shoes, you must go for the pair which offers exceptional comfort. You should opt for the shoes that match the width, length, and arches of the individuals accordingly. By simply putting your wet feet on a paper, you can determine your arch with ease. If you have the complete footprint on the paper, then you have a low arch, and if you see slightly blurred print, then you have a high arch. Nevertheless, if you have a medium footprint then it means you have a neutral arch.

Anti-Skid Soles:

Most of the manufacturers of the standing shoes offer their pairs with slip-resistant rubber outsoles. These shoes are perfect for any tough profession, so you can easily wear them in any condition to reduce your fatigue. You do not have to worry while walking or standing on any slippery surface. Even, a few pairs of shoes have oil-resistant outsoles.

Heel And Arch Support:

If you have to stand for all day long for your profession, then the footwear must come with enough support to keep your feet free of pain. You need the maximum support around your heel and arch areas of your feet. A pair of shoes with multiple heels helps you to maintain an ideal posture while walking or standing. However, you should purchase shoes as per your arch type.

For instance, if you have a high arch then shoes with multiple heels are ideal for you. To absorb the shocks properly, you need footwear with sufficient padding. People with neutral arch can go for any type of shoes as their feet are naturally shock-absorbent while flat-footed people need a pair of shoes with proper height.


Conclusion –

Shoes for standing all day have variable applications depending on which one you choose to buy. There are some which have a sporty look, some are formal while others are causal. If you want ultimate comfort for your feet, you have to opt for the ones which you can use to stand all day without any pressure to your feet. Go through the buying guide to understand some additional points before choosing to buy one.