The Duramax xp12000eh is one of the highest-rated portable generators on the market, and one of the latest from DuroMax. This useful personal generator is nicknamed the beast, and it is clear to see why. Looking at its statistics and product information you can see that it can put out an incredible amount of power, at around 12,000 watts, which to the unlearned eye can power around 30 modern televisions or 24 washing machines! On pure gasoline, this machine can run on half of its maxed power output for nearly nine hours.

Duromax Xp12000eh Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Duromax Xp12000eh Dual Fuel Portable Generator

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The Duramax xp12000eh is both EPA and CARB approved in all 50 states, so you can use it wherever you need it. Some minor other details include descriptive LED lights to illuminate various information about the unit. This includes light notifications for low oil, circuit breakers, and of course a voltmeter.

Looking at the pros and cons of the unit there are some trends. Focusing on reviews from amazon there have been some consistent complaints about the generator being somewhat erratic in performance. Looking at the various reviews it seems like some defective units will have strong fluctuations in power. There are a good amount of these negative reviews, as this problem comprises the majority of the customer’s issues with the product. A major plus, however, is that this does seem to occur very infrequently. Most of the customers state that the product has saved them many times during hurricane seasons. When they most needed the power from the unit, it pulled through.

Another one of the cons of this unit is the wheels that come with it. They are considered to be fairly subpar, both in material and in durability. They don’t move easily and are subject to break rapidly. So if you are looking for a fairly mobile generator unit, it may be best to look into either replacement wheels or a different product. A good pro to be considered is that this machine-like discussed before generates an absolutely massive amount of power. The best thing about that feature is while it is very powerful, it also is daily energy efficient. It produces a large amount of power from the fuel types you can put in it. Not to mention the fact is can be both propane and gasoline-powered.

Overall this Duramax xp12000eh dual fuel portable generator amazon review finds that the pros outweigh the cons, it is always best to make sure you keep an eye on your warranty though!