Ozark trail instant tent is the most suitable personalized tent and if you are planning for camping with around 10 persons, then it is the ideal one. Ozark 10 person instant trail tent is so spacious that 10 people can comfortably stay in it. It is one of the best tents for family and friends who like to enjoy being together and spending quality time outdoors.

Ozark Trail Instant Tent Amazon Review

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  • This tent has a unique design in which you will be able to make 3 rooms which can give space to around 10 people onboard. It got a room divider. You can then place three large-sized air mattresses into those three rooms.
  • There is enough space for the headroom so that nobody should live in an uncomfortable way.
  • There is also a provision for adjustment in the room dividers. It is upon the user if they want three rooms, or two rooms, or even a single big room. If you don’t use the dividers, you will get a big room with a lot of space.
  • The installation process of the Ozark trail instant tent for 10 persons is also an easy process. The poles that hold the tent are made up of fiberglass frame material that is very light weighted. The pin and the ring system are also durable in nature.
  • There are six windows that provide enough ventilation and light to the Ozark trail 10 persons instant tent.
  • It is remarkable to note that the tent has doors for all rooms in order to maintain privacy.
  • It comes with a carry bag that makes it easy for transportation and also for storing the same when it is not in use.

Pros –

  • Easy to install and easy to reassemble.
  • Designed in such a way as to keep moisture and water away.
  • Rain and Taped Fly prevents leakage of water that can go inside the tent during monsoons.
  • Six windows help in proper ventilation and light inside the tent.
  • The headroom space is such that a 6 feet person can stand straight.

Cons –

  • The room dividers are not strong.
  • The tent is not waterproof but water-resistant.
  • The space at the corners is a bit less.


So this is my Ozark trail instant tent Amazon review and without any doubt, in my mind, I can recommend you personally to but such a good product at a low price tag.