If a person intends to paint a wood surface that has been painted before, then they’re going to use a paint-stripper for wood. A deck stripper is used instead of a wood cleaner if there is an existing failing deck-stain which requires to be removed. More of the deck stain should be removed before you apply a new stain stripper. Best strippers are made to eliminate the strongest exterior stains which include semi-transparent & semi-solid stains.

When buying the best deck strippers, you should consider grime removal, method of dispersal, coverage in a square foot, range of stain-removal, cost, and others. Moreover, there are different kinds of paint strippers. Some include solvent, caustic, NMP, Biochemical, and Zero-VOC. Always avoid deck strippers with Methylene Chloride because it’s hazardous.

10. Wood Cleaner & Wood Stripper for Wood Decks

Don’t strip fresh paint

<strong>10. Wood Cleaner & Wood Stripper for Wood Decks</strong>
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This wood cleaner & wood stripper won’t strip new paint. Moreover, it needs less masking. This wood stripper is calmer on wood. It can be used on wood decks, wood siding, wood fences, & log cabins. Additionally, it’s available in a 2-pound container pack. Thus, it will cover about 750 sq. feet of wood.

EFC38 was made to help one deal with tough wood-deck restoration plans fast. Additionally, it has a distinct formula that offers the power required to strip more semi-transparent sealers, stain, lead, mold, gray wood, mildew, & dense grime accumulations. Additionally, EFC38 is a highly made dry powder ingredient which mixes with water easily. Mixing will offer you greater flexibility and tremendous savings.


  • Doesn’t strip fresh paint
  • Safe for pets and animal
  • It’s efficient
  • Easily mixed with water for flexibility


  • It’s expensive

9. Ready-Seal 512 Stain & Sealer

Available in various hues

<strong>9. Ready-Seal 512 Stain & Sealer</strong>
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Ready-Seal 512 comes in various colors. Moreover, this product requires no primer. The ready seal is darkest when it is first applied. This product reaches its real color in about 14 days. Remember not to apply the ready seal above the painted or freshly stained surfaces. The sealed surfaces will prevent penetration. Additionally, this product is applied using a sprayer, brush, or roller on the surface of the wood.

Moreover, this stripper requires no thinning or diluting before spray-applications. It’s simple to maintain because no stripping or sanding is needed for re-application. It’s applied at any temperature. This stripper needs no back-brushing and will never leave laps, runs, or streaks.


  • Suitable for use in any temperature
  • Simple to maintain
  • Needs no primer
  • It’s goof-proof


  • Quality needs improvement

8. Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel

Has a citrus scent

<strong>8. Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel</strong>
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Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel has a citrus scent which is conducive. Furthermore, this CITRISTRIP is a safer paint, and varnish stripping-gel that is simple to use. Additionally, it remains wet & active for about 24-hrs. This allows stripping of more layers in a single step. Moreover, this stripper is capable of removing dried latex & oil-based paint, lacquer, varnish, shellac, and polyurethane.

It’s capable of striping more layers from metal, wood & masonry surfaces. Additionally, this stripping gel contains no NMP or methylene chloride hence safe for use. It’s capable of removing five-layers of dried latex-paint in one hour.


  • Has a citrus scent
  • Free from methylene chloride and NMP
  • Can be used on wood, masonry, and metal surfaces
  • Simple to use


  • The scent maybe unfavorable to some

7. Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3301 Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover

Removes more layers

<strong>7. Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3301 Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover</strong>
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This paint remover is safe for users, the environment, and the substrate. Moreover, it’s capable of removing more layers. This smart stripper does not have methylene chloride, caustics, or any toxic compounds. Furthermore, it’s odor-free & secure to the environment. Additionally, this paint stripper paint is excellent for the safe elimination of lead-based paint. It’s also best for intricate, molded, or carved surfaces. Furthermore, it’s also best for removing marine paints minus damaging gel coat.

This stripper is paste in nature. Thus, one can easily apply it using a roller, brush, or conventional airless-sprayer. It’s a revolutionary paint remover that’s secure for every user. This product is available in white in a one-gallon container.


  • It’s safe for use
  • Remover about 15 coats
  • Applied easily using a brush, conventional airless-sprayer or roller
  • It’s safe for gel coat


  • Has a stronger smell

6. Deck Stripper 5753 by DeckGeneral

It’s safe and efficient

<strong>6. Deck Stripper 5753 by DeckGeneral</strong>
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Deck Stripper 5753 is best for removing stains, coatings, finishes, paint, and sealers. Moreover, it’s simple to apply. It is best for use on a wood deck, siding restoration, and fence. It makes it appear brand new again. This is a professional-grade and powerful formulation which makes one’s wooden surfaces brighter, stain-free & restore their unique condition.

This product removes dirt, spoiled or discolored wood, oil & latex finishes, clear, deteriorated varnishes, water stains, film-forming clear coatings, paint, water sealers, and polyurethanes. It’s effective and safe for use. Moreover, it’s water-based, biodegradable, and 0 VOC.


  • Simple to apply
  • It’s non-corrosive
  • Safe and effective
  • Suitable for multiple wood surfaces


  • None

5. Heavy Duty Wood Stripper and Wood Cleaner

Simple to use

<strong>5. Heavy Duty Wood Stripper and Wood Cleaner</strong>
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Heavy Duty Wood Stripper and wood cleaner are best for use on wood decks, wood siding, wood fences, & log cabins. Moreover, with this woo stripper, you will restore every outdoor wood-surface to have a fresh cut and appear brand new. Additionally, this product is simple to apply using predictable quality outcomes.

This wood stripper is packed in a 2-pound container. Therefore, it will cover an area of about 750sq. feet. It’s made to tackle tough wood-restoration projects very fast. This product has a unique ingredient that offers the heavy-duty strength needed to strip every wood renovation project.


  • Best on tough restoration task
  • Suitable for use on any outdoor wood surface
  • Simple to apply
  • Covers 750sq. feet


  • Not best for strong colored stains

4. Deck Wood Stain Stripper

It’s ready for use

<strong>4. Deck Wood Stain Stripper</strong>
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Deck Wood Stain Stripper is available in a one-gallon container. This will cover about 100 to 150sq. feet. Additionally, this stripper removes existing, semi-transparent stains, weathered & sealers. Moreover, this product removes stains, stripes-worn finishes and it’s suitable for use on decks, wood siding, and fences. Additionally, it helps in improving the adhesion of wood-stains and restores the natural appearance of any wood deck.

This deck wood stain stripper is water-based & oil-based finishes. It’s recommended that you use a 40-degree spray-nozzle on a suitable pressure washer. This will help in preventing damages to your wood.


  • Works fast and efficient
  • It’s ready for use
  • Restores the natural appearance of the wood
  • Removes weathered and existing stains


  • Not suitable for use in hot weather

3. Heavy Duty Wood Stripper and Wood Cleaner Kit

Best for outdoor use

<strong>3. Heavy Duty Wood Stripper and Wood Cleaner Kit</strong>
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Heavy Duty Wood Stripper and Wood Cleaner Kit are best for use on wood decks, wood siding, wood fences & log cabins. Additionally, this product has a heavy-duty stripping power which removes strong color, siding stains, fence, and stubborn deck. With this product, you will restore every outdoor wood and make it appear like it’s brand new. Additionally, it’s simple to apply this wood stripper with some predictable excellent results.

This wood stripper is made with sodium hydroxide and it’s available in a 10lbs pack. Moreover, this wood stripper is capable of removing more layers of paint. Additionally, this product will cover an area of about 3000Sq. ft.


  • Made to neutralize & brighten fast
  • Best for dealing with tough wood-restoration projects
  • Suitable for outdoor wood surface
  • Simple to apply


  • Not super-caustic

2. DEFY 1 Gallon Wood Brightener

Restores natural wood color

<strong>2. DEFY 1 Gallon Wood Brightener</strong>
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DEFY 1 Gallon Wood Brightener helps in restoring the natural look of wood. It’s capable of cleaning and restoring weathered wood-surfaces. This makes them appear new again. Additionally, this product helps in removing rust stains & tannin stains which are caused by leaves. It’s suitable for use on every kind of wood species including redwood.

With these wood stain-strippers & cleaners, your wood surfaces will be brought back to neutral PH. Thus, this will create a suitable surface that is ready to be stained. Moreover, wood-cleaners & stain strippers that are not fully rinsed & neutralized can create premature stain letdown.


  • Open wood pores for max absorption
  • Restores the natural beauty of wood
  • Best for use on all wood kinds
  • Efficient and simple to use


  • It’s expensive

1. DeckGeneral Deck Stripper 4021-Removes Stains

Safe & efficient

<strong>1. DeckGeneral Deck Stripper 4021-Removes Stains</strong>
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DeckGeneral Deck Stripper 4021-Removes Stains and restore the wood to be brand new again. Moreover, this product is best for use on deck, fencing, or siding. After use, the wood surface will be stain-free, restored to its original state, and brighter. Additionally, this product helps in removing dirt, damaged/discolored wood, oil & latex finishes, water stains, water sealers, paint, varnishes, & polyurethanes.

This deck stripper is made with a distinct formula that is secure, low VOC, and water-based. It’s a powerful formula that ensures full cleanliness of wood surface & simple penetration of later stains, sealers, and paints.


  • Safe and efficient
  • Simple to apply
  • Restores original look
  • It’s water-based


  • Can cause skin irritation


After buying a deck stripper, you need to take your time and take your time & remove the old-finish thoroughly. This will ensure that you will have excellent outcomes. With either of these deck strippers, you will be sure of excellent results. Moreover, ensure that the working is well ventilated.