Everyone likes to have maximum convenience and comfort in their bedroom. Thus, it’s important to invest in other modern accessories which include nightstands. More nightstands are modernly designed from natural wood minus any extra-artificial forests. Furthermore, the majority of the nightstand consists of open shelves & closed drawers. This is where you’ll conveniently keep your items.

Additionally, they have a steel metal frame which offers them a longer life span because it’s weatherproof. The nightstand has a convenient size thus, it fits in any bedroom. When purchasing a nightstand, it’s always good that you look out for the available space, design, construction material, height, color, and storage space.

10. Nightstands Side Tables Sofa End Table

<strong>10. Nightstands Side Tables Sofa End Table</strong>
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This nightstand is available in either white or natural wood color. Moreover, this nightstand has a square design. Furthermore, it can be used in a living room, bedroom, office, or meeting room. It can also be used as a desk. This nightstand comes with two drawers. Thus, it offers you extra storage space and it’s simple to glide.

Additionally, this nightstand is simple to clean using a clean and damp cloth. One can also use a mild cleanser for everyday care. It takes about 15 to 30-minutes to complete the setup thus fast to assemble. However, this will depend on how handy you’re with your tools. This nightstand measures about 15.75-inches L by 15.75-inches W by 23.82-inches H.


  • Simple to clean
  • Features two drawers
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Has a modern design


  • Small in size

9. VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstands

<strong>9. VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstands</strong>
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VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstands have a rectangular shape design. Moreover, this nightstand is made using a high-quality MDF-board. The board is thick & durable thus, it will offer strong support to itself and the stuff inside it. This nightstand has a top and bottom-open shelf. This will offer you sufficient storage space for keeping and displaying items. The drawer comes with a handle. This offers it ample room for keeping private or different stuff you require to keep inside.

It has a lightweight & compact design. This nightstand is simple and convenient to move from one point to the other. Additionally, it has a smooth & glossy surface. It just needs to be wiped using a damp cloth and keep clean & brand new.


  • Made of best quality MDF-board
  • Offers sufficient storage and display space
  • It’s compact
  • Has a soft and glossy surface


  • Maybe a bit heavy

8. Tvilum Scottsdale

<strong>8. Tvilum Scottsdale</strong>
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Tvilum Scottsdale is available in a black-wood grain and coffee hue. Furthermore, it’s built from PEFC approved and sustainable wood. It comes with two drawers which offer you sufficient storage space. This nightstand is a hub center for your everyday living in your bedroom. It also offers one with a space for placing your novel, alarm clock, mobile phone, lamp, or other items.

Scottsdale nightstand is among the basic organizational parts of one’s room. The drawers have a metal-drawer slide which offers an out-of-sight storing for items. Additionally, it’s best for use with low-platform beds or in smaller-spaces. It’s simple design matches with different varieties of decoration. It’s simple to clean. Moreover, it’s surface is water, scratch, and stain-resistant. This makes Scottsdale nightstand the best selection for families.


  • Has metal-drawer slides
  • It’s simple to clean
  • Has water, scratch, and stain-resistant surface
  • Suits varieties of colors


  • Wood quality is poor

7. HOMFA Nightstand

<strong>7. HOMFA Nightstand</strong>
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HOMFA Nightstand is available in vintage or white color. Moreover, its frame is made of metal material which makes it strong and durable. Its top is made of a strong marble textured particle-board. This makes it strong and offers a long service life. HOMFA Nightstand is paired using simple lines & brilliant white. This forms an elegant and bold contrast to your room, & any other place.

This nightstand is fitted with a detachable fabric drawer & an open-shelf at the base. It’s perfect for bedside storage, holding glasses, cups, and magazines. The fabric-drawer forms a personal-space for one’s keys and other important things. One can also store socks and underwear. The open-shelf can be filled with some green-plants or other decorations.


  • It’s multifunctional
  • Has a compact design
  • Made of best quality material
  • Comes with a detachable fabric drawer


  • Not suitable for heavy everyday use

6. Alpine Furniture Flynn Nightstand

<strong>6. Alpine Furniture Flynn Nightstand</strong>
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Alpine Furniture Flynn Nightstand is available in grey, white, or acorn color. Furthermore, this nightstand is fully made using the wood material. It’s crafted using Mahogany solids and Okoume Veneer. This nightstand comes when fully assembled thus no assembly is needed. Furthermore, it’s made with a ball bearing metal-drawer which glides. With Flynn Nightstand, it’s simple to form a cohesive decorating-style or mix & match and more other personalized looks.

Additionally, this nightstand measures about 26-inches H by 18-inches W 15-inches D. It also weighs 42lbs. Moreover, it has 2 drawers.


  • No assembly required
  • Has a ball bearing metal-drawer
  • Forms a cohesive beautifying style


  • Drawers don’t pull out smoothly

5. HOMFA Nightstand 2-Tier

<strong>5. HOMFA Nightstand 2-Tier</strong>
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HOMFA is a 2-Tier Nightstand. It’s available in either black or white hue. Furthermore, it’s designed using a wood-toned particle board with an antique style & matte black. This product has a bold stylish touch thus suitable for use in every place.  Moreover, this nightstand is fitted with a pull-out drawer & a big capacity bottom shelf cabinet. Moreover, this nightstand is best for use at the bedside and for keeping cups, magazines, and glasses near.

This nightstand is best for use in small spaces because it has a compact design. With a HOMFA nightstand dresser, you will have the best service. Moreover, all the accessories required are included and simple-to-understand. Furthermore, the instructions are also included.


  • Has a compact design
  • It’s stylish and functional
  • Simple to assemble
  • Offers a bold and elegant touch


  • Not very strong

4. Sweetgo End Side Table Nightstand

<strong>4. Sweetgo End Side Table Nightstand</strong>
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Sweetgo End Side Table Nightstand comes in either natural, grey, or white color. Moreover, it’s top is made of MDF board which is strong with strong legs. Additionally, it has a non-lead based shade. It’s top surface measures about 16-inches by 12-inches. Furthermore, it’s general dimension measures about 14.5-inches L by 11-inches W by 4.5-inches H. Additionally, this nightstand features an 8-step assembly. Every step is well explained using the manual.

This desktop and legs are well linked using metal parts which makes it strong and sturdy. Additionally, it has a weight capacity of about 110LBS. The two drawers are simple to pull and offer more storage space to keep your books, medicines, glasses, keepsakes, and other necessities.


  • Made of strong and quality material
  • It’s simple to pull the drawers
  • Offers more storage space


  • Small than it appears

3. VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstands

<strong>3. VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstands</strong>
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VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstands are available in either brown, black, or white color. Furthermore, this nightstand is made using the best quality MDF Board. The board is thick & durable enough to support itself & the stuff inside. Moreover, this nightstand has a top & bottom open-shelf which offers sufficient storage space for displaying and storing. Additionally, one drawer has a handle and it provides ample space for keeping your private kinds of stuff.

Moreover, this nightstand has a lightweight & compact design. It can be easily and conveniently moved to every place in one’s living room or bedroom. Additionally, it has a soft & glossy surface. Moreover, this end table requires to be wiped using a damp cloth. This keeps it clean & brand new.


  • Made of thick & durable board
  • Has a lightweight & compact design
  • Comes with a smooth & glossy surface
  • Suitable for storing & displaying


  • None

2. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

<strong>2. Ashley Furniture Signature Design</strong>
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Ashley Furniture Signature Design is a white nightstand which comes with a rustic-chic flair. It is paired using a driftwood-style plank-top to have a light and dreamy appearance. This makes it wonderfully easy on one’s eyes. Additionally, it has an in-built USB port. Moreover, this rustic nightstand offers a touch of convenience to your modern living using a slim USB-charger port found on the back.

It’s suitable for use in small spaces because it’s compact. This nightstand measures 24-inches W by 16-inches D by 26-inches H. Additionally, this nightstand has ring-pull hardware and a side roller that glides for soft operating drawers.


  • Comes with an in-built USB port
  • Simple to assemble
  • Suitable for small spaces


  • It’s cheaply made


<strong>1. VASAGLE INDESTIC Nightstand</strong>
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VASAGLE INDESTIC Nightstand has three storage options. The surface of this nightstand measures 15.7-inches by 15.7-inches. This is a spacious compartment & has a strong mesh shelf. Moreover, this nightstand can be used next to the bed and next to the couch. Furthermore, assembly guidelines are added to the package making it simple.

This nightstand is fitted with flexible feet. Moreover, this multipurpose end table is capable of withstanding a spirit-level test even when on uneven floors. Additionally, these nightstand legs are covered to protect your tiles, wood, and linoleum floors from scratches.


  • Has three storage selection
  • It’s simple to assemble
  • This product comes with flexible feet


  • Quality needs improvement


Modern nightstands offer an aesthetic value to your bedroom. Most of the nightstands are simple to set up. With a modern nightstand, you will have extra storage for your items. The above-listed nightstands are affordable and they are of the best quality. Thus, they will offer you the service you need for a longer time.