Having a small space gives you the limitation of decorating your home and adding other items to your home. Moreover, there are products that you can still have in your small space room. One of them is a tray table. This tray table has a foldable design which allows you to fold it when not in use. Thus, it will save you space. Tray tables are suitable for people that work from home, students, and any other person that requires convenience.

There are more models of tray tables in the market, thus, you should be careful to get the best. Some of the factors to consider when buying tray tables include size, design, weight, adjustability, and cost. Below are the top best tray tables to consider buying.

10. Bamboo Bed Tray Table

<strong>10. Bamboo Bed Tray Table</strong>
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Bamboo Bed Tray Table comes with foldable stands. Furthermore, this tray bed is multipurpose. That is, it’s suitable for serving dinner and breakfast. Moreover, it’s also suitable for use as a drawing or writing table. Moreover, this portable tray is widely used in the kitchen, bed, bedroom, sofa & hospital. Additionally, it’s made using natural & sustainable bamboo. It’s the best alternative to plastic as it’s a renewable & sustainable material.

This bed tray table helps in saving space and it also helps in preventing leakage. It also has surrounding tray-lips that helps in preventing items from falling. Moreover, it’s built with a carrying handle. This ensures that you will transport food and other items with comfort. This bamboo table is easily cleaned using warm water & can be simply wiped-down using a damp cloth.


  • Made with natural & sustainable bamboo
  • Has to carry handles
  • Fitted with tray lips which prevent items from falling
  • Easily cleaned


  • It’s smaller in size

9. Home-it Bed Tray table

<strong>9. Home-it Bed Tray table</strong>
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Home-it Bed Tray table has foldable legs which makes it simple to store when not in use. Moreover, it has a bamboo construction making it simplistic & natural. This bed tray table measures about 18” by 12” by 8”. When it’s folded, it measures 3-inches thick. It also includes carrying handles for simpler mobility from one point to the other. With this tray table, you will easily have your breakfast at the bedside.

This tray table is simple to wash. One can easily hand wash using mild soap and warm water. It’s recommended that you use bamboo-oil occasionally to have prolonged tray use.


  • Has a sleek plus durable design
  • It’s simple to clean
  • Fitted with carrying handles
  • Has foldable legs for easier storage


  • The stand may be loose

8. LORYERGO TV Tray Table

<strong>8. LORYERGO TV Tray Table</strong>
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LORYERGO TV Tray Table has adjustable heights & angles. Furthermore, the table tray’s height is freely changed from 20.4” – 28”. Moreover, its angle is easily changed to 30-degrees upward & 20-degrees downward. This table has a stable plus convenient design. The cross-bar at the base makes this tray more stable. Hence items will be free from sliding-off your table. Additionally, it has a cup-slot design which is suitable for holding water and drinks.

This dinner table is assembled within four minutes. With this table, you will have your dinner or breakfast while on the bed or sofa. You will enjoy a convenient lifestyle. This TV-tray is easily folded after use hence saves on storage space.


  • Suitable for more occasions
  • Has a stable and convenient design
  • Comes with adjustable height and angles
  • It’s easy and fast to assemble


  • May not be leveled

7. LapGear Media Bed Tray

<strong>7. LapGear Media Bed Tray</strong>
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LapGear Media Bed Tray comes in Espresso Bamboo and other various colors. Moreover, it comes with a phone holder. Furthermore, this tray table is suitable for fitting a 17. 3-inches Laptops and most tablets. The tray has a surface dimension of 21. 8-inches by 13. 9-inches. Its media bar is capable of holding any size eReader, Tablet, or mobile phone at 2-optimal angles.

This tray table is made using natural bamboo making it stylish. Additionally, this table has a contoured front tray-lip which is lowered. This allows simple access to the surface top thus comfortable. It also comes with folding legs which measure about 10. 5-inches tall when opened and 3-inches tall when closed.


  • Made with natural bamboo
  • Comes with a contoured front tray-lip
  • Fitted with a media bar to hold electronics
  • Comes with a carrying handle


  • Have a rough surface

6. Winsome Lucca Snack Table

<strong>6. Winsome Lucca Snack Table</strong>
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Winsome Lucca Snack Table is available in brown and other hues. Moreover, this tray table has a rectangle shape. Furthermore, the table has an MDF Top & its legs are made of wood with a walnut finishing. This tray table is easily assembled. Moreover, this tray measures about 22.9-inches W by 12-inches D by 31.3-inches H when opened. When folded it measures about 22.9-inches W by 1.8-inches D by 29.5-inches H.

This tray table has cutout handles which allow for fast and simple handling. Thus, you will easily carry the stand from one point to the other.


  • Comes with cutout handles
  • Has an elegant design
  • It’s strong and stable


  • The stands are close together

5. Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table

<strong>5. Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table</strong>
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Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table is made using bamboo. It has multiple uses and it’s suitable for serving breakfast & dinner. Moreover, this breakfast tray can also be used for writing, drawing, reading, or a laptop. Additionally, this portable serving-tray is widely utilized by kids, elders, couples while at different places including bedrooms, or hospitals.

This bed tray is simple to carry and maintain. Moreover, it also comes with in-built carrying handles which makes carrying food and other surface items easy. This table is easily cleaned using warm water & is simply wiped-down using a damp cloth.


  • Made of natural bamboo
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Comes with carrying handles
  • Prevents leakage


  • Small to hold more items

4. Lifetime 80251 Adjustable Folding Laptop Table TV Tray

<strong>4. Lifetime 80251 Adjustable Folding Laptop Table TV Tray</strong>
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Lifetime 80251 comes in different sizes. It’s available in white granite or almond. Furthermore, this table tray is made of metal, plastic, and resin material. Additionally, it has an adjustable height which changes from 24”, 26”, and 28”. Moreover, it’s suitable for use at home, crafts, office & outdoor activities. This tray table has a surface length of 26 inches L by 18 inches W.

Moreover, this tray table has a lightweight design that folds flat. This makes it simple and easy to transport & store. When this table is folded, it measures 40.4-inches L by 17.9-inches W by 1.8-inches H. This tray table has a UV-Protected top that’s stain-resistant & simple to clean.


  • Has a powder-coated steel frame
  • Made using high-density polyethylene
  • Has adjustable height setting
  • Features a UV-Protected top


  • Technical to assemble

3. Table Mate II Folding TV Tray Table

<strong>3. Table Mate II Folding TV Tray Table</strong>
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Table Mate II Folding TV Tray Table comes in either black, Mocha, or white color. This table is made of food-rated polypropylene and the frame is made of powder-coated STEEL. Additionally, this table has a lightweight design and flex slightly as it’s heavily loaded with a max capacity of 40 pounds. This tray table comes with a slide & glide in-built cup-holder which changes to every angle. Thus, you will never spill a drink.

This table can be fully & easily changed to six heights & three angles. This makes it suitable for use in eating, reading, or any other working requirements. This keeps one comfortable and no need for straining & bending.


  • Simple to assemble & store
  • Comes with an in-built cup holder
  • Has 6 adjustable heights & 3 adjustable angles
  • Fitted with powder-coated steel stands


  • It’s a bit unstable

2. SIDUCAL Tray Table

<strong>2. SIDUCAL Tray Table</strong>
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SIDUCAL Tray Table is available in black and walnut color. Moreover, it has smooth wheels which ease movement to any place. Additionally, this product comes with flexible height. The height can be changed from 27.9-inches to 37-inches for one to stand or sit. Moreover, this tray table is heavy-Duty & stable. It has a big desktop space to hold more items. The surface measures 15.7-inches by 31.5-inches.

It’s made of thick metal & environmental MDF-board which have a high-weight capacity. Furthermore, it can be used as a simple dining-table, laptop table, serving table, or studying desk.


  • Simple to assemble
  • It’s lightweight
  • Has an adjustable height and has wheels
  • It’s stable with heavy-duty wheels


  • None

1. Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set

<strong>1. Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set</strong>
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Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set comes in brown and in different sizes. Moreover, the tabletop is simple to clean and wipe. Additionally, this set is simple to move from one point to the other because it comes with a handle. The set includes four tray-tables, a home-furnishing staple, and a coordinating stand.

Moreover, the tabletop is capable of supporting a capacity of 20lbs. It’s made of faux-marble paper, rubber-wood, and engineered wood. This table is easily folded for easier storage. Thus, it saves storage space.


  • Simple to clean by wiping
  • Supports about 20lbs
  • Comes with a carry handle
  • Easily folded for storage


  • It’s expensive


Tray tables are portable and they are used by people for different purposes. It can be used to watch TV, studying, eating while in bed, or on different occasions including picnics or parties. The guide above offers you the 10 best tray tables which are affordable and of the best quality. Thus buy that which suits your requirement to enjoy the comfort.